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Jared Knoll is a social  movement mobilizer and storyteller for social change, currently working with experts, artists and people with lived experience to amplify the voices of the vulnerable through evidence-based, human-centric stories. He’s a multi-media content creator, post-secondary educator, and general communications specialist.

Jared is a Knowledge Translation professional and communication consultant, currently working with organizations working toward systemic change and social justice like Upstream, and government-adjacent organizations like PHAC. He’s also a multimedia developer and journalist, a humanitarian communications consultant, the founder of a writer’s co-op, and a former/future trainer of human rights law and rights-focused media in deeply-impoverished and conflict-affected regions.

Jared covers, teaches and deals with issues of human rights violations and protections; inequalities and their long-term impacts; the source causes of sickness and health; the power of information to improve lives and societies; vigilance against disinformation and propaganda; corruption and the transparencies that it cannot abide; genocidal processes and their prevention; violent conflict and its transformation; discrimination and the awareness of it; justice, injustice, and the pursuit of peace.

Jared believes the spread of honest, accurate information can be a powerful vehicle for justice and peace. (And equally, that vigilance for disinformation can be the best shield against injustice, inequality and subjugation). He is a global citizen, man of science, linguophile, intersectional feminist, enrapt observer, lifelong student, whiskey connoisseur and incessant ponderer of philosophical conundrums. Jared spends his spare time trying to master the culinary and musical arts, learn new languages, and lifting heavy things. He sometimes works supplementary hours as a nutritionist, personal trainer, musician and entertainment host.

Phone: +001 306 713 8471

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