Curriculum Vitae

Media and Communications Professional specialized in issues of human rights, income inequality, food security, public health, international development, community activism and violent conflict.

Professionally proven Producer and Trainer  in radio, print, photographic, video, online and social mediums at local, regional and global levels.

Adept Writer and Orator passionate about nuances of languages, capable and comfortable delivering complex ideas with confidence and gravitas in simple, easily understandable ways.

Adaptable and Resilient Organizer with more than four years’ experience living and working in developing and conflict-affected countries, with a talent for rapid fluency in language and culture.

Natural Leader and Process-Oriented Teacher enthusiastic about project development, implementation and coordination.

Highlights and Achievements

  • Developed a large and highly engaged online audience for the non-profit Upstream, innovating a wide variety of multimedia content platforms, and consulted for several national organizations on how to improve their audience engagement.
  • Delivered presentations, workshops and lectures on a broad variety of topics for the Global Health Conference, the University of Saskatchewan departments of Public Health, Nursing and Social Work, the Generating Momentum retreat for young leaders with consistent requests to return, as well as more than a dozen smaller events.
  • Independently produced a series of radio pieces and short documentaries throughout West Africa.
  • Led an international team of ten in Sudan, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ukraine, Pakistan and elsewhere to reach a number of campaign goals for Beyond Violence in the transformation of violent conflict.
  • Mentored, inspired and galvanized a team of reporters to cover human rights issues as the Media Trainer for Journalists for Human Rights in Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Innovated an entirely new field of online reporting via podcast interviews, highlighting activists and scholars at the tops of their fields for the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation in New York, USA.
  • Broke down institutional barriers to social media communications and investigative journalism as On-Air Reporter and Online News Director for CKOM in Saskatoon, Canada.
  • Exposed and published a web of media and government corruption in the wake of the 2009 coup d’état in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
  • Consistently exceeded expectations in more than a dozen managed projects for human services, human rights, media development, and community-based organizations throughout Canada and Latin America.
  • Languages: English (native); Spanish (fluent); French and Swahili (working); Portuguese and Italian (limited working); Arabic, Bamana and Tamasheq (elementary).


Master of Arts with Distinction in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies
United Nations-Mandated University for Peace, El Rodeo, Costa Rica, 2009-2010

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Studies
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, 2004-2009

Multimedia Development, Reporting and Communications Experience

Communications Coordinator
Upstream, Canada, July 2015-Present

  • Innovating, producing, editing and publishing a wide rang of video and multimedia content for a dedicated audience of about 10,000, frequently generating viewcounts of 20x and 30x that number.
  • Directing communications for an evidence-based policy research organization with phenomenal public engagement and community involvement at the local, regional and national levels
  • Teaching, guest lecturing at the University of Saskatchewan for 1st-4th year classes in Nursing, Social Work, Public Health and Political Studies
  • Engaging regularly with vulnerable community members to amplify local and national voices of injustice and inequity, to compel action for social change.

Multimedia Content Producer and Communications Professional
Entrepreneurial; media outlets including CBC and Vice; non-profit community-based organizations including Community Living, Open Door Society and FASD Support Network; science and discovery-based organizations. Saskatoon and Toronto Canada, London England, New York USA and elsewhere, November 2010-August 2013 and February 2014-July 2015.

  • Independently and collaboratively developed policy papers, training manuals, information packets, pamphlets, communications articles and press releases across a wide field of subjects.
  • Developed and distributed multimedia productions for radio, tv, print and online.
  • Provided consultation and expertise on theory of communication, dissemination of information and ideas, utilities and pitfalls of social media and public relations.
  • Conducted thorough research in many areas of sociology, economics and hard sciences, and reported to a highly varied array of stakeholders.

Communications Manager
Beyond Violence, Global, August 2014-June 2016

    Managing a team of ten in nearly as many countries to achieve a wide array of objectives in communications, public relations and social media toward the accomplishment of goals in human rights and conflict transformation.

  • Undertaking hands-on management of projects including infographics, multimedia productions and social media communiques.

Human Rights Media Trainer
Journalists for Human Rights, Arusha Tanzania, August 2013-March 2014

  • Trained and mentored inexperienced local reporters into expert human rights journalists.
  • Conducted workshops translating intricate, complex concepts of human rights and media ethics into graspable ideas
  • Utilized patience, resilience and persistence to maintain motivation for reporters in the face of adversity and unfamiliarity.
  • Conducted training on basic technologies and techniques including editing, on-air radio anchoring, how to construct story structure and question lines, and how to set up and hold interviews.
  • Reported and produced more than a dozen human rights stories on a myriad of topics including women’s rights, albinism, witchcraft-related slayings, the rights of the disabled and elderly, refugee issues, potable water access, slum crowding, rights of children, and many more.
  • Liaised with media, human rights and community-based organization throughout Tanzania to build and maintain relationships and projects  both for JHR, and for local journalists.
  • Produced promotional material highlighting journalist success stories in Tanzania.

Communications Officer and Content Producer
The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation, New York USA, January-August 2013

  • Innovated and implemented new forms of online content and communications.
  • Chased, conducted, edited, transcribed and published interviews with seven of the world’s top scholars and activists in the fields of genocide prevention.
  • Undertook applied research into the behaviours of government and non-state duty-bearers, applying the UN framework of analysis for predicting behaviour.

Reporter, Editor and Digital Director
CKOM News Talk Radio and, Saskatoon Canada, August 2011-July 2012

  • Reported news across a wide field of subjects including politics, homicide, protests and community events.
  • Conducted hundreds of field interviews and broadcasted live on-air.
  • Served as the lead photographer and videographer for online content.
  • Managed social and online media, including editing, digital crowdsourcing and original content production.
  • Conducted regular research and field investigation with frequent audience interaction.
  • Exceeded expectations in all phases of newsroom procedure, ranging from chase production to anchoring, to web copy.

Project Manager
FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Canada, September 2010-August 2011

  • Developed and coordinated monthly and bi-monthly events, projects and programmes for a major non-profit.
  • Built and maintained relationships with partner organizations, donors and media.

Independent Project Experience

Master’s Thesis in Honduras
Investigated the behaviours and relationships of media and communications institutions with other actors before, during and after the 2009-2010 coup d’état in Tegucigalpa Honduras, June-July 2010.

  • Formed and maintained complex relationships with members of the Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula media institutions, human rights organizations, and political class.
  • Conducted thorough research into more than 100 issues of three local newspapers, including statistical parsing and the analytic interpretation of data.
  • Developed and demonstrated 26 statistical trends to support robust quantitative measurements for “attention” and “persuasion” in print media.
  • Conducted 12 interviews including political prisoners, activists, politicians, a radio host, a newspaper mogul, and the head of the state’s biggest human rights NGO.
  • Presented and published findings in a 25,000 word paper entitled “Watch Dog or Guard Dog?: Media and Legitimacy in the Honduran Political Crisis”.

Media Investigation in Costa Rica
Investigation into the behaviour of media and communications institutions in Costa Rica preceding, during and following the 2010 election in San Jose Costa Rica, January-March 2010.

  • Conducted thorough research into 16 issues of two Costa Rican newspapers, utilizing statistical parsing and quantitative interpretation of data.
  • Presented findings in an 8,000 word report.

Bachelor’s Thesis in Cuba
Examination of the Cuban ideology of “the revolution” as a mechanism of social control, Cuba, April-May 2009.

  • Conducted more than 20 interviews across the entire geography and socioeconomic strata of Cuba.
  • Undertook extensive academic research into the history and political system of the 1959 revolution.
  • Persevered through two separate occasions of incarceration by authorities resistant to the implications of my questions.
  • Presented findings in a 25,000 word essay.

Volunteer Experience

Director of Messaging, Framing and Content
Various political campaigns, Canada, 2016-17.

  • Consulted and coordinated communications and public perception strategies for a variety of social and political issues and candidates.
  • Produced video, audio and photographic content to engage and excite diverse populations.

Election Observer
Municipal Government, San Jose Costa Rica, 2010

  • Monitored, evaluated and gathered data at eight polling stations during voting on behalf of a United Nations affiliate, and presented conclusions.

Workshop and Awareness Campaign Coordinator
El Rodeo Community, Costa Rica, 2009-2010

  • Coordinated and implemented local and online campaigns dealing with global violence against women, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and locally-specific issues including a hazardous waste spill and dangerous driving.

Volunteer Coordinator, Community Organizer
El Rodeo Community, Costa Rica, 2009-2010
Ciudad Viejo Community, Guatemala, 2007

Reporter and Feature Writer
The Sheaf, Saskatoon Canada, 2003-2009

Teacher and Labourer
Mariposas School, Ciudad Viejo Guatemala, 2007
Ak’Tenamit Project, Rio Dulce Guatemala, 2007

Adult Education ESL Teacher
Open Door Society, Saskatoon Canada, 2004-2007
Frontier College, Saskatoon Canada, 2004-2007


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